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                      Recall the Eventful Years and Look Forward to Prosperous Tomorrow

                      n  On the celebration of 60th anniversary of HPDI_2021




                      《崢嶸篇:1954——1978年》Eventful Years: 1954—1978

                      《成長篇:1978——1998年》Growing Period: 1978—1998

                      《發展篇:1999——2006年》Development Period: 1999—2006

                      《飛躍篇:2006——2014年》Leap Period: 2006-2014


                      《展望篇:未來與期盼》Ending: Envision: Future and Vision



                      (解說)北京。熙熙攘攘的德勝門外大街。 Beijing, the crowded Deshengmenwai Street.

                      (解說)在臨街一側的辦公樓里有一個響當當的名字:中交公路規劃設計院有限公司。業內人都親切的稱它為公規院。In the office building along the street there is a famous corporation: CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd which is called HPDI_2021 by the people within the sector.


                      《崢嶸篇:1954——1978年》Eventful Years: 1954—1978

                      (解說)建國之初,百廢待興。共和國交通設施的恢復和興建面臨著巨大的困難。1954823日,公規院的前身,交通部公路總局設計局正式成立,擔負起了國家公路規劃勘察設計和管理的職能。Many things all over the country were waiting to be done at the earliest days of the nation. The republic was faced great difficulties and challenge for its infrastructure reconstruction and new construction. On 23rd August 1954, the predecessor of HPDI_2021 — the Design Department of the Highway Bureau under the Ministry of Transport was officially established to bear the responsibility of master planning, investigation, design and management of the national highways.

                      (解說)當時我國交通事業的發展還處于最初階段,每一項事關國計民生重大任務的實施都面臨著巨大的困難和考驗。其中,康藏公路就是老一輩交通人攻克重重困難讓天塹變通途的典范之一。公規院人克服流沙、冰川、松石、懸崖峭壁、地震和塌方的危險,用生命、用信念鋪出這條金光大道,為西藏的建設起到了重要作用。It was at the beginning stage of China’s traffic development, each task regarding national economy and people’s livelihood was confronted with great difficulty and challenge. The Xikang-Tibet Highway is one example, which was built and opened to traffic after the elder generation overcoming numerous difficulties. They conquered the danger of drifting sand, glacier, unstable rocks, cliff, earthquake and landslide, and finally paved such a bright road which played an important role in constructing Tibet with their lives and determination.

                      (采訪)魯世宗:當時我們有三個測量隊,我是當中一個,我們是從四川雅安到拉薩,一共走了一個月。天氣很冷,晚上牙膏都冰凍了。Lu Shizong: At that time there was 3 survey teams, and I was one member of them. It took 1 month from Ya’an to Tibet by feet. It was cold, and in the evening, toothpaste was frozen.

                      (解說)19541225日,康藏公路正式通車,藏族人民深情的把它譽為金橋。 On 25th December 1954 the Xikang-Tibet Highway was opened to traffic and it was honored as the “Golden Bridge” by the Tibetan people.

                      (解說)在1954年到1978年近25年的時間里,公規院共完成了212條公路的測設,完成橋梁測設70余座。其間,編寫了中國第一代公路橋梁設計技術規范、概預算定額,首次編制了公路橋梁標準設計圖等。During the period of almost 25 years from 1954 to 1978, HPDI_2021 completed investigation and design for 212 roads and over 70 bridges. During this period the first Technical Specification for Design of Highway and Bridge, Preliminary Budget Quota and the Standard Design Drawing for Highway and Bridge in China were prepared by HPDI_2021.

                      (采訪)王展意:五十年代,公路設計院還組織設計了一批橋梁標準圖,正式出版供全國各省市自治區使用。Wang Zhanyi: In the 1950’s, HPDI_2021 also compiled a series of standard drawings for bridges which were published and used all over the nation.

                      (采訪)蘇善根:設計標準圖的工作對于指導全國各地加快設計工作很有作用。Su Shangen: The standard drawings are quite useful for speeding up the designing work by the whole country.

                      (解說)這25年里,老一輩公規院人用無怨無悔的努力拼博,不僅為我國公路與橋梁事業的大發展奠定了穩固的基石,更為新中國公路與橋梁的發展史撰寫了開篇之作。During these 25 years the older generation of HPDI_2021, with their diligent work, not only laid a solid foundation for the great development of bridge industry but also kicked off the development of China’s highway and bridge engineering.


                      《成長篇:1978——1998年》Growth Period: 1978—1998

                      (解說)改革開放猶如一陣春風,吹遍神州大地,作為中國路橋勘察設計的先鋒隊伍,公規院也進入了一個迅猛發展的新階段。With the wind of opening and reform blowing all over the country, HPDI_2021, as the pioneer of highway and bridge fields in China, stepped into a new stage of rapid development.

                      (解說)在1978年到1998年二十年的時間里,受交通部委托,公規院編制完成了《國家干線公路網》、國道主干線公路系統規劃、全國公路主樞紐規劃;協助交通部完成了六五、七五、八五等計劃;代部審核了近三百個國家重點項目。完成或參與完成了京津塘、滬寧、深汕高速公路等近百個項目可行性研究工作。During 20 years duration from 1978 to 1998, HPDI_2021 was commissioned by the Ministry of Transport to master plan the national trunk highway network, national arterial highway system, and national highway major hubs, to assist the Ministry of Transport in implementing the programs of Sixth Five-Year Plan, Seventh Five-Year Plan and Eighth Five-Year Plan. In the meantime almost 300 national key projects were checked by HPDI_2021 on behalf of the ministry, and tens of feasibility studies were done including the Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway, Shanghai to Ningbo Expressway and Shenzhen to Shantou Expressway etc..

                      (采訪)王延林: 這個工作制定好了以后,得到國家批準,現在公路建設的規模和公路網的布局,就是那個時候制定的。Wang Yanlin: These master plans were approved by the government, on which the present highway construction scale and layout are based.

                      (采訪)龐俊達:在規劃和政策性研究方面當了政府的咨詢單位,做了很多的工作。Pang Junda: We worked as the consultant for the government in terms of planning and research on policies.

                      (采訪)馮仲異:經過幾代人的努力,令我們院取得了很大的成績。Feng Zhongyi: Thanks to great efforts of generations, HPDI_2021 obtained great achievements.

                      (采訪)周海濤:特別是五縱七橫國道主干線的規劃研究工作,在當時對全國的高速公路發展發揮了重要的作用。Zhou Haitao: Especially the master plan and study of the Five North-South and Seven West-East National Trunk Highway network played a significant role in the development of national expressways at that time.

                      (解說)1984,公規院與美國路易斯伯杰公司共同投資成立了華杰工程咨詢公司,它是我國最早成立的也是目前國內最大的中外合資工程咨詢公司之一。In 1984, the CHELBI was established with the joint investment by HPDI_2021 and American Louis Berger. It is the one of earliest engineering consultants firms jointly funded by China and foreign countries.

                      (采訪)鳳懋潤:華杰工程公司引進了國外先進的計算機輔助設計的技術。Feng Maorun: CHELBI introduced the advanced computer assistance technology in design.

                      (采訪)解紹璋: 華杰公司又率先的在國內學習菲迪克的工程管理理念和菲迪克合同條款。Xie Shaozhang: Later CHELBI took the lead in China to learn FIDIC project management concepts and FIDIC contract conditions.

                      (解說)從1978年參加設計的四川瀘州大橋開始,公規院特大型橋梁的設計水平迅速提高,特大型橋梁設計進入了快速成長時期。From the Sichuan Luzhou Bridge in 1978, the level for designing super-large bridges was significantly improved and HPDI_2021 entered into a fast development period.

                      (采訪)彭寶華:當時在長江上建造的第一座(公路)大橋,就是瀘州長江大橋。Peng Baohua: At that time the Luzhou Yangtze River Bridge was the first highway bridge across the Yangtze River.

                      (解說)到1998年,公規院設計完成的跨越黃河、長江、珠江及海灣的特大型橋梁有30多座。其中,虎門大橋、江陰大橋、海滄大橋、南京二橋、軍山大橋、銅陵大橋等均已步入了世界橋梁先進水平之列。By 1998, HPDI_2021 has completed over 30 super-large bridges designing crossing the Yellow River, Yangtze River, Pearl River as well as some bays, of which the Humen Bridge, Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge, Haicang Bridge, Nanjing No.2 Yangtze River Bridge, Junshan Yangtze River Bridge and Tongling Yangtze River Bridge top the list of outstanding projects in the world.

                      (采訪)曾憲武:公規院主持設計了虎門大橋,南京長江二橋。Zeng Xianwu: HPDI_2021 was the leading firm in the design of the Humen Bridge and Nanjing No.2 Yangtze River Bridge.

                      (采訪)金增洪:戴競同志應該是橋梁界的一個泰斗,王建瑤是我們的設計大師,對江陰橋的上馬我們是很積極的,江陰橋在中國橋梁建設史上具有里程碑的意義。Jin Zenghong: Mr. Dai Jing is a leading magnate in the sector of bridge engineering and Mr. Wang Jianyao is a design master. We positively and aggressively participated in the Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge, which is a milestone in the history of bridge construction in China.

                      (采訪)楊高中: 對公規院我深有感情,院領導給了我這個機會,使我有機會去設計這些國內著名的大橋。Yang Gaozhong: I have deep emotion in HPDI_2021 and I was given the opportunity by the leaders to design these famous bridges.

                      (解說)在公路勘察設計上,1978年參加測設的京津塘高速公路為我國高速公路的發展起到了巨大推動作用,隨后參加設計的廣深珠、沈大、濟青等高速公路不斷提升了我國高速公路建設的水平。由公規院設計的交通部公路交通試驗場是目前國內設施最齊全的集公路工程、汽車工程及交通工程研究為一體的大型綜合試驗研究和新技術開發基地。In respect of highway survey and designs, the Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway HPDI_2021 participated in 1978 promoted China’s expressway development, and the following involvement in the design of expressways of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai, Shenyang-Dalian and Jinan-Qingdao improved the level of expressway construction in China. The Highway Transportation Testing Ground of the Ministry of Transport designed by HPDI_2021 is the most-facilitated comprehensive base for testing and new technology development, integrating highway engineering, automobile engineering and transportation engineering research.

                      (采訪)王開山:在京津塘高速公路的可行性研究當中,第一次引用了四階段分析法,做OD調查,交通量的預測結果,得到世界銀行的認可。Wang Kaishan: In the feasibility study of Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway, four-stage analysis method was firstly adopted to do OD investigation, and the traffic volume forecasting results obtained was confirmed and approved by the World Bank.

                      (采訪)楊孟余:公規院是試驗場的總體設計單位,從立項、選址開始到工程可行性研究,以及總體規劃,各種特殊試驗路的初步設計,施工圖設計的全過程。Yang Mengyu: HPDI_2021 was the design unit for the testing ground, participated in the whole process from project proposal, site selection to project feasibility study and the general planning, as well as the preliminary design and detailed design for various testing roads.


                      《發展篇:1999——2006年》Development Period: 1999-2006

                      (解說)時光的車輪來到了1999年,這一年,公規院轉企并入中國路橋集團總公司,由事業單位變為企業。在改制后的幾年時間里,公規院特大型橋梁設計繼續保持著強勁勢頭,相繼設計完成了西堠門大橋、壩陵河大橋、黃埔大橋、青島海灣大橋等多座國內外著名橋梁,僅2003年至2004年間,就設計完成了5座特大型橋梁:蘇通大橋、杭州灣大橋、南京三橋、陽邏大橋、深圳灣大橋,不僅規模大、數量多,而且科技創新能力也不斷提高。As it came to 1999, in this year HPDI_2021 turned to an enterprise under CRBC from a government institution. During a few years followed, the extra large bridge business maintained a strong growth, and successively completed the designs of many later world-renowned bridges including the Xihoumen Bridge, the Balinghe Bridge, Huangpu Pearl River Bridge and Qingdao Bay Bridge. In the short period from 2003 to 2004, HPDI_2021 completed the designs of 5 super-large bridges such as the Sutong Yangtze River Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Nanjing No.3 Yangtze River Bridge, Yangluo Yangtze River Bridge and Shenzhen Bay Bridge. All these bridges are large-scaled, and meanwhile have been built with constantly improved scientific and technologic innovations.

                      (采訪)孟凡超:大學畢業以后來到公規院參加工作,主要從事特大型橋梁勘察設計和設計管理工作,先后大大小小參加了20多個大型橋梁的勘察設計工作。Meng Fanchao: I have been working in HPDI_2021 after graduation, and am mainly engaged in design and design management for super-large bridges. I have participated in more than 20 large bridges survey and design works.

                      (解說)在眾多優秀的橋梁設計中,2004年設計完成、2008年建成通車的蘇通大橋是一個標志性項目。蘇通大橋建設條件十分復雜,如何建成世界第一座千米跨徑斜拉橋,設計者面臨著巨大的挑戰。The Sutong Yangtze River Bridge, design completed in 2004 and opened to traffic in 2008, is a landmark project. The physical construction conditions are quite complex, how to build the first cable-stayed bridge spanning over 1000m imposed great challenge to the designers.

                      (采訪)張喜剛:當時承擔蘇通大橋的設計任務,對我們這支年輕的隊伍來說既是一次重大的挑戰,也是一次人生的機遇。在近8年的時間里,我們始終以如履薄冰,高度認真負責的態度在努力工作,積極的融合現代橋梁設計的新理念,堅持技術創新,力求實現技術先進,安全可靠,實用耐久,經濟合理,美觀協調,富有時代風貌!Zhang Xigang: Undertaking the design of Sutong Bridge was both a great challenge and life-time opportunity for such a young team like us. For almost 8 years we had been constantly taking each step with caution and working with a high sense of responsibility, actively integrating new concept of contemporary bridge design, adhering to technical innovation, striving to achieve the goal of building a bridge with advanced technologies, safe and reliable structures, cost effective with grace shape and times feature.

                      (解說)蘇通大橋形成的千米級斜拉橋建設關鍵技術成果,得到了國內外著名橋梁專家的一致高度評價,也獲得了包括國家科技進步獎一等獎、美國土木工程師學會杰出土木工程成就獎和菲迪克全球百年杰出土木工程獎在內的多項國內外重大獎項。通過蘇通大橋等多個重大項目,公規院也培養出了一批橋梁專家,帶出了一支以中青年技術人員為主體、能打硬仗的中國特大型公路橋梁設計隊伍。The technical achievement of the Construction Key Technologies for Cable-stayed Bridge Spanning over 1,000m based on Sutong Bridge received high appraisal by the famous bridge specialists in the world. The work has been awarded Chinese prizes and world reputations, including the First Prize of State Science and Technology Progress, Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award in ASCE and FIDIC Centennial Outstanding Civil Engineering Award. Through the Sutong Bridge and some other major projects HPDI_2021 has cultivated a group of specialists in bridge engineering field as well as a young but tough and talented design team for super-large highway bridge engineering.


                      Meanwhile, the highway survey and design technology of HPDI_2021 has been rapidly developed. More than 10 high-class highways have been designed and completed during this period, including Chengdu-Nanchong Expressway, Hainan Island Ring Road, Wuxi-Yixing Expressway, Xindi-Mahuangguo Expressway, Tianjin-Shanwei Expressway and Jincheng-Jiyuan Expressway, etc.

                      (采訪)楊平:公規院在市場競爭中樹立了自己的優秀品牌,得到了市場的高度認同和信任,公規院也獲得了突飛猛進的發展。Yang Ping: HPDI_2021 has set up its brand in market competition, which has obtained high indentify and trust of the sector, and the development of HPDI_2021 has been advanced by leaps and bounds.

                      (采訪)李華:公規院是一個人才濟濟技術密集的科研生產單位,為我國公路建設、橋梁建設、公路技術標準規范的建設都做出了極大的貢獻。Li Hua: HPDI_2021 is a technology-intensively scientific research and consultant unit, full of talents, and has made great contributions to national construction of highways and bridges as well as preparation of standard specifications. 


                      HPDI_2021 designers left their intelligence and sweat in each bridge and road project, and gained the trust of the people and greater public praise in the industry.


                      《飛躍篇:2006——2014年》Leap Period: 2006 to 2014


                      At the end of 2005, CCCC was founded by incorporation of CRBC and CHEC. HPDI_2021 became a wholly owned subsidiary of CCCC that listed in 2006.


                      At the beginning of 2007, facing the fierce market competition the new leading team started thinking about how to rise to the occasion with new concepts and mechanism, and how to make HPDI_2021 for long-living enterprise.


                      Soon, at the end of 2007, HPDI_2021 carried out an optimization project for organization structure, salary and performance assessment to make a comprehensive reform for the company. In the meantime relying on good mechanism, groups of top professional talents has been cultivated by HPDI_2021. At present the percentage of doctor and master degreed personnel accounts for 43%, while the young and middle-aged staff below 35 years accounts for 62%. The business performance of HPDI_2021 has been obtained significant boost: the new signed contact value is 600 million Yuan in 2006, 1 billion Yuan in 2008, and it reached 2 billion Yuan in 2013. 


                      During this period, the traditional brand project continued to keep the leading position. Several large bridges were completed and opened to traffic one by one: The Sutong Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Bridge and Xihoumen Major Bridge in 2008, E-Dong Yangtze River Bridge in 2010, Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in 2011, Xiangshan Port Bridge and Nanjing No.4 Bridge in 2012 and the Jiashao Bridge in 2013. Out of the world top-10 cable-stayed, suspension and sea-crossing bridges, HPDI_2021 has designed 2, 4, and 5 respectively. 


                      During the same period high-classed highway survey and design work of HPDI_2021 has been developed rapidly over the nationwide, several thousand of the new and reconstruction expressways commenced in succession. DaGuang Expressway, QingLin Expressway, Nanjing Bypass, Ningbo ChuanHao Expressway, Inner Mongolia BaoShu Expressway, Shanxi LinJi Expressway, Gansu Chengwu, Shanxi XiLanShang, Sichuan ChengZiGong, Guizhou HuiXing, Yunnan DaLi, Guangdong GuangZhuXi, Hainan HaiTun, totaling some 20 expressways have been completed.


                      HPDI_2021 rapidly develop the new business while making the traditional bridge and road field be stronger and larger to form the good development pattern.


                      From 2008, HPDI_2021 is responsible for the overall design of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge which is the longest and the first in the world combining bridges, tunnels and islands forming a super sea-crossing traffic passageway. Its construction will lead China to the leading position of the same type infrastructure. 


                      In 2009, for the first time in China the double layers lane tube prefabricated technology was adopted for the Nanjing Weisan Road Tunnel under the Yangtze River, which boasted the first large diameter shield tunnel with the deepest buried depth and highest water and soil pressure.  


                      In 2012, HPDI_2021 completed its first BOT project: Guizhou to Wengan Expressway. This is a positive exploration for business mode.


                      The survey and design of the Foshan Subway Line 2 was a breakthrough in rail transit field. The project was commissioned by CCCC in 2013.


                      After many years of hard workings, HPDI_2021 has set up the business brand of bridge and tunnel monitoring and maintenance. In recent years, HPDI_2021 is entrusted by the Ministry of Transport to undertake inspection of the long and large bridge in China, which lead the develop direction of the long and large tunnel and bridge monitoring and inspection fields and establish the lead position in the industry.


                      HPDI_2021 has been actively implementing the oversea strategy of “going out”, and the projects spread over Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. In 2011, HPDI_2021 was awarded with the 3rd Bridge across Panama Canal, which is the first project that obtained by international competitive bid. The Second Penang Bridge in Malaysia designed by HPDI_2021 were completed and opened to traffic in March 2014.  


                      Innovation comes from development and growth needs innovation. To train the high level talents in bridge engineering and promote the technical outcome to transform, HPDI_2021 formally established the Bridge Technologies Research Center in 2008. During these 6 years, fruitful achievements have been obtained not only in bridge numerical simulation and research, but also the new type bridge structures study and standard and specification research. All of these work has lain a solid and reliable foundation for setting up the only national engineering research center in China which is named as National Engineering Research Center for  Large Highway Bridge Construction.        


                      60 years dedicated design and study has obtained the trust and appraisal from the clients, the government and national people, as well as numerous prizes.


                      In the past sixty years, HPDI_2021 has won over 300 awards in technological progress and design merits, of which the national level reaches nearly 100 prizes. Many bridges, such as Sutong Bridge, Hangzhou Bay bridge, Xihoumen Bridge are not only awarded the national prize including TIEN-YOW JEME CIVIL ENGINEERING PRIZE, Golden Prize for National Outstanding Engineering Design and National Golden Quality Prize, but also awarded international award, including the Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award of ASCE, and George Richardson Award at International Bridge Conference. The Sutong Bridge has won the FIDIC Century Outstanding Civil Engineering Award(subtitles: only 10 in the world), and the chief designer Mr. Zhang Xigang has been awarded FIDIC Century Outstanding Engineer(subtitles: only 6 person in the world) .    

                      (解說)2011114日,國家科技獎勵大會在人民大會堂召開, 依托蘇通大橋完成的《千米級斜拉橋結構體系、設計及施工控制關鍵技術》榮獲國家科技進步獎一等獎殊榮。在頒獎大會上,張喜剛受到了胡錦濤主席的親切接見。同年12月,張喜剛獲得首屆十佳全國優秀科技工作者稱號。在領導班子帶領下,公規院榮獲交通運輸行業優秀科技創新團隊、建國60周年十佳自主技術創新企業、全國勘察設計行業創新型優秀企業等榮譽稱號。

                      (explanation)  The national scientific and technical awarding conference was hosted in the Great Hall of the People on 14th January 2011. The Key Technology of Structure System, Design and Construction Control for Kilometer Level Cable-stayed Bridge that based on the Sutong Bridge was awarded the first prize of National Scientific and Technical Progress. In the awarding ceremony, Mr. Zhang Xigang was kindly met by Chairman Hu Jintao. In December of the same year, Mr. Zhang Xigang won the honor ofTop-10 National Outstanding Scientific and Technical Workers. Under the leadership of the board of directors, HPDI_2021 has won many honors in transportation sector, including Extraordinary Scientific and Technical Innovation Team, Top-10 Independent Technological Innovation Enterprise and Outstanding Innovation-type Enterprise.


                      HPDI_2021 took a new step of reform under the new situation in 2014.


                      Pei Minshan: Along with change of the market situations, the new reform blueprint has been portrayed for the company.  We will carry forward our tradition and forge ahead into future, actively integrated into “five contractors CCCC” strategy, strive for creating seven brand business systems covering bridge, highway, bridge maintenance, tunnel and rail transit, urban projects, project management and international business, maintain and set up five advantage brand in bridge, highway, bidding agent, submarine tunnel and bridge maintenance. With more passion and stirring aspiration, HPDI_2021 will be built to be a first-class in China and world-renowned international consulting firm.


                      Jiang Zhixin: All staff of HPDI_2021 will work harder in the team, strive for success, reform and innovation, adapt to market to build a glorious HPDI_2021.


                      結尾:《展望篇:未來與期許》Prospect period: future and expectation 


                      Tracing back to the past 60 years, generations of HPDI_2021 engineers have painted many elegant and exquisite blueprints on the land and across the river over the nation, just like the flower buds to bloom in our motherland. Through unceasingly exploration and continuous innovation, HPDI_2021 has already grown to be one of brand enterprises, the core competitiveness being the survey and design of super large bridge, with strongest competence and large influence in China and the world.

                      (采訪)張喜剛 回顧60年來取得的這些成績,離不開幾代公規院人的努力拼搏,也離不開職工家屬們的理解和奉獻,更離不開各級領導、各位專家的親切關懷和有關單位給予的大力支持與幫助。面向未來,公規院一定會秉承優秀文化,繼承光榮傳統,堅持創新發展,努力為我國交通事業的發展再續新的篇章。

                      Zhang Xigang: 60 years achievements owns to the diligent work of generations of engineers, and their families understanding and devotion, the concern of the leaders and experts and the support and help from many organizations. For the future, HPDI_2021 will inherit the extraordinary culture and good traditions, stick to innovation and development, and do our best to write a new chapter for Chinese transportation industry.  


                      Under the guidance of the 5 contractors CCCC strategy, the goal of HPDI_2021 is to achieve the first-class in China and world-renowned international engineering consulting firm, promote transformation by reform and innovation, seek for development by strengthening coordination and promotion, and create more and better achievements to make new contribute to Chinese transportation industry, achieve new glory and make China dream come true..


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